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Poster Printing in Pacific Palisades

Poster is the perfect solution for when you want to get noticed! Printland is your best source to design and print small or large quantity of posters at the lowest prices.  Bring in your own design or let our expert graphic designers design the perfect poster for you. Printland is a one-stop source for all your printing needs especially for your poster printing in Pacific Palisades, California.

Poster printing in Pacific Palisades ca

Posters are a fast way to get your message out to a large group no matter what size your business is. Poster printing is one method used to get a business brand out to the masses quickly and efficiently. Posters can be used to announce upcoming events, sales or other business activities. They can also be used to advertise and explain the differences in products, displays product features and encourage customers to buy a product or sign up for a service. Design the poster so it is visually appealing and attracts attention at a glance. Get those passing by to turn their heads and be intrigued to come in for more information and to see what there is past the front door. Use contrasting colors, catchy phrases and compelling imagery. Place posters in high traffic areas where they will be seen by everyone passing by and in the area.


poster printing in Santa Monica, CA


We can design and print full-color posters in virtually any size.  Common Configurations (Other Configurations Available)
Size: 11×17 / 12×18 / 18×24 / 24×36 / 36×48 / Up tp 60″

Paper: Gloss / Matte (Semi Gloss) / Vinyl
Ink Colors: Full color / B/W
Option: Laminated / Mounted on foam board / Mounted on gator board
Printland has the ability to laminate your printed posters as well to give it a glossy or matte finish. Dry erase is also available if you want to have the option to change a price or change a date. Our materials vary from paper, styrene, foam board, ultra board, gator board, PVC, and many more materials to help fit your needs.
Our graphic design team can work with you to layout a message for safety campaigns, Point of Sale application, or instructional use. Proper type size and style are important for readability of your message. So are proper use of colors, graphics, borders, inset boxes and other graphic tools. The Houston Sign Company design team will help you design a poster that delivers the right message.

There are many places that offer poster printing in Santa Monica, and that’s why the staff at Printland, will do their best  to gain your business.  Give us a call or stop by our shop today for a free quote and we are certain once you see our friendly service, expert staff and their willingness to help you with your printing needs, you too will continue doing all your future printing through us.

Our  poster services include:

Business Posters:

-Trade show
-Financial Charts
-Training Classes
-Safety Posters
-Mission Statements


best poster printing in Santa Monica CA

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